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A few weeks ago, I found myself fending off disasters at every turn; the smashed Miata, the broken tooth, another script rejection. I wrote about it here.  Boy was it rough. 

Well, what a difference a few weeks make.  Now I’ve got decisions to make, some faster than others.  I’m also at that place Jeff Goins, Writer,  calls the Waiting Place.

scriptwriter Tim Clague, projectorfilms

My first script, The Friars Next Door, is up for option.

I’m excited, happy, relieved, and bewildered all at once.  Friars is my first short.  It’s based on my 2 year engagement with 3 Franciscan monks who lived next door to me in Miami.

I didn’t write it as a comedy. It’s dead serious stuff, involving sex, drugs, and the Friars no less.

The people who want the script, however, think it’s the stuff of comedy. I don’t.

I’m not a particularly funny person, and I surely don’t know how to  write comedy. This is all very new to me.  What to do?

A wise person asked me, quite seriously, if I like to eat.  Of course, I do.  He reminded me that I’ve worked on this script for almost 3 years and it’s a first “sale.”

He continued, it doesn’t matter what they do with it, it doesn’t matter what they pay, just as long as they do, indeed, pay real money.

His parting words:  Just get the thing sold!

I can worry about what happens to scripts after I become a successful scriptwriter.  He concluded by offering, gently, that 1 sold script does not a successful scriptwriter make.

I’m dealing now with the formalities, legalities, registrations, and contracts.

And so it goes . . .


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