Writing As Fast As I Can

One screenwriting course down, one to go.  First pitching session completed.

The Webinar “Stop Waiting . . . Start Creating” for actors and filmmakers coming up tomorrow.

Working on the blog.

Writing 2 shorts.

Then there is the television pilot spec script, Acquittal, another drama about a street-fighting, boozing defense attorney with a penchant for beautiful women.

moviesBusy? Yep.  And loving every minute of it.

Trying to keep the writing momentum going.  If I stop now, I’ll probably wake up and realize that I don’t have a regular paycheck.  Haven’t had one in 6 years.

If I think too much about trivial things like eating, paying the mortgage, and trying to stay healthy while being overworked, nervous, and on occasion, distraught, I might just stop.

But I can’t. I cannot not write.

One day, somebody, somewhere, when I least expect it, will realize that I don’t need to write a spec script.  I already know how to tell a story.

I know the importance of the franchise.

Until that day, however, I’ll not sit waiting idly for that somebody to find me.  Doesn’t happen that way.

No agent?  Self promotion.

No work in production?  Meet the new producer.

And yes, maybe that spec script that I’m loathed to write just might get me an “in” somewhere.

So, I continue to write because I can.

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