Twitter: Week 3 Finale – Marilyn’s Rules

Whew!  I made it.  Finally comfortable in the Twitterverse and the blogosphere. To those of you who’ve followed me in weeks 1 and 2, I thank you for your patience and encouragement. To those of you who chose not to follow, well, y’all come on back; now the writing begins.

The blog site still needs work, but Mr. WordPress and I are still getting acquainted.  It’s a slow dance between us, mired in apprehension, delusion, and fantasy. You know how romance goes:  One of us wants it more than the other. Guess who’s winning?

I’ve made a list of the most important things I’ve learned over the past 3 weeks about blogging and Twitter. Even my veteran tweeps might learn a thing or two and be amused. Please comment, enjoy, and share.

1.  A hashtag is a thing of beauty:  wonderfully accommodating  while killing you with inconspicuous subtly.  Use cautiously, less your tweeps be inclined to berate then unfollow you for masked insanity.

2.  Beware the twoll. You know; the one who baits you into a stupid, reactive tweet. Remember, once the tweet is out there, it’s out there for the universe to see forever and forever, amen.

3.  DO not retweet yourself.  Do NOT retweet yourself.  Do not RETWEET yourself.  I did. Enough said.

4.  Forget the numbers.  Do you really need a gazillion-billion followers? Even I can’t talk and interact with that many people, and I’m pretty good at both.

5. Choose quality over quantity. If you’re blogging about stuffed cabbage, give’em the whole recipe, then suggest a good wine to round out the meal.  In other words, be thorough yet succinct.

6. Promote and encourage your fellow tweeps.  Follow and applaud their efforts and accomplishments, no matter how small those accomplishments.

7.  Invest the time to learn about social media management applications.  Bufferapp, Hootsuite, and SocialBro are just three of the many apps available to you. Your social media accounts will thank you.

8.  Twitter is suppose to be fun. Be a kid again and enjoy.  Revel in the constant insanity of it all while connecting with fellow tweeps, building your brand, or begging the karma goddess  for Pierre Marcolini chocolate.

9.  Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow tweeps for advice.  Ask questions.  Some of them are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

10.  Play nice. Don’t forget your manners: Thank the tweeps who have given their time (freely) with an encouraging tweet, a direct message, or retweet to guide and encourage you: That alone is worth its weight in dark chocolate.

Thank you @dcPriya, @angiesargenti, @audaciouseditor, @Chicki663, @digisquirrel, @dtcav,, @juliew1124, @penelopecrowe,  @SharkbaitWrites and @Alex_Austin, my first Twitter follower





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  2. I’m new to Twitter as well and still learning the ropes. I’ll make sure to heed your “Never-retweet-your-own-tweet” warning! I’m not sure why that’s such a bad thing, but you’ve convinced me! I look forward to following you.

    Ryan Countrymen

  3. I’m impressed – more than impressed. I like your rules – reaffirms my belief that using social media “properly” requires good manners and generosity. And a constant awareness that nothing is private. Write with the thought that one day a prospective employer might read these words.It might be called the net but it doesn’t have holes, things stay around long after you’ve forgotten about them and rather other people did as well.
    For me twitter is basically for information – great place to learn about reviews, new books, new writing competitions and pass on my own stuff without shrieking me,me, me all the time.
    Blogging is another matter altogether – I’m going to visit awhile!

    • mparel

      Hi Lillica, yes it does take a while. I’m still getting my bearings. That is why this reply is so late. Sometimes I’m just inundated. So I step back, regroup, and keep on going. Had wonderful encouragement from my fellow tweeps.

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