More Twitter Rules Of The Road

Been on twitter just over a year now. I’ve had a steep learning curve, making lots of mistakes and learning some things about social media the hard way.

You’ll find my first set of twitter rules here. I’d like to share with you five more tips that I’ve learned, tips that have made my twitter experience much more enjoyable than before.

  • A good twitter handle is important. Would you really want to follow someone known as @littlediconatrip? O.K. Perhaps we’re not all using social media for business purposes, trying to build a brand.  A little humor and a cutesy handle go a long way.  Just don’t overdo it.
  • If you are trying to build a brand,  tweet about what you know.  Be the expert that others seek out.  If you’re trying to learn about a topic, by all means ask the twitter community.  There is no shortage of people willing to help and you’ll make friends that way. My fellow tweeps are not shy.
  • More Twitter Rules of the RoadYou don’t have to follow everyone who follows you. I know, I know, it’s good to be polite, but enough is enough.  I don’t follow speakers of Mandarin or Russian because I don’t speak either language. They might speak English, but if I have no idea that they do, what would we have to tweet about?
  • Don’t make all the tweets about you.  Yes, I have a book or two to sell,  but the hard sell will get you neither buyers nor followers.  In other words, have a real conversation by just being yourself.
  • I’m re-blogging this one from the first post on twitter rules as it still needs reinforcing:  Go easy on the hashtags.  If a hashtag is already trending, then yes, join the fun.  A hashtag can be a thing of beauty, but three or four at most per tweet.  See how I really feel about the hashtag.

Enjoy the twitter experience. Embrace it, even with all of its quirks. And one more corny sounding thing: Don’t forget your manners.  Be kind, always.


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