A Sad Twitter Experience

Last week, I wrote a little post on Twitter facts, you know the one, the Out of This World Twitter Facts. A short, insignificant post, put together while learning to work with the Haiku Deck presentation product.

Well, it posted on 7 July. Wouldn’t you know that on 8 July, one of my followers and a fellow blogger came up with the same idea and started tweeting about the $ value of a Twitter account; how many Big Macs, paper clips, and iPads one could buy.

So, O.K. There’s nothing new under the sun. I’m still new at this Twitter thing and I’m scouring the Internet for interesting and fun Twitter facts, while this person is a big time published author and blogger who has never, ever tweeted or blogged about Twitter.  I plan my tweets around the blog’s content.

Now, nothing to tweet.

Coincidence?  Two bloggers, a world apart, with the same idea, within 1 day of the original post. I think not.

Tweeting and blogging on book signings, great literature, WordPress news, author interviews, creative writing prompts, quotes for writers, book festivals, book sales, writing contests, and available writing jobs are far removed from what I tweet and blog about.

What to do? I am flattered truly when someone responds to my posts. I’m  flattered doubly if that someone wants to acknowledge that I contributed to another blog and extends what I wrote.

But to just run with the idea with no attribution?  That’s just mean.twitter bird mkhmarketing.wordpress.com

Twitter has been a fun place for me. I’ve made new friends and learned quite a bit about social networking.

Now, I’ve protected my Twitter account and blocked the offending blogger. I no longer follow that persons blog. I’ve removed myself from the blog’s email subscription list. I’ve tried to block that person from accessing my blog.

Reality and a harsh lesson learned in the blogosphere.

But I’ve moved on. I’m back to my real writing; perfecting loglines for 3 new projects, preparing beat sheets in the Blake Snyder style, and getting ready to pitch some of those projects while working feverishly on the scripts.

Oh, and none of this will ever appear on the blog.


P.S.  Drop by the mkhmarketing.wordpress.com site. These folks imagined the Blue Sky Twitter bird above. Explore their approach to integrating emerging media and the market. You’ll be impressed.


  1. It’s shameful that you work so hard digging for these facts the way you do and this person outright does what they do. Meanwhile, I’ve been to that site. Do you believe what they have the audacity to post on their blog? Copyright info and about how even in this vast internet world of ours, things are found out. If you want to use info from their blog, “just ask, I might say yes”. That just boiled my damn blood. Do you mind if I re-blog your post on my own blog? I just feel I have to put this out there. It’s just not right.

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