Twitter Apps, Facts, Odds And Ends

Social media is full of apps and facts. Here are a few twitter apps, facts, odds and ends for today.

Two fun apps from @davidbarkerme:

A beautiful and fun app from Amy Hoy & Thomas Fuchs launches real-time visualization of tweets containing emotive words; love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish all preceded by the word “I.”  See

Where does a tweet go after you tweet it?  Explore the journey before it posts, compliments of the Huffington Post.  Great minds did this.

Spelling out the word “RETWEET,” and not just going the “RT” way,  results in a  23% higher retweet rate. This is from, a blog devoted to all things digital social media.

Finally, my favorite, Portwiture taps into your psyche then delivers your Twitter status in photographs. Absolutely amazing.

According to, the following describes twitter users:

  • 20,000 (0.05%) Twitter users, attract 50% of the attention on the service
  • 71% of all tweets elicit NO response
  • 85% of all get only a SINGLE reply

Boy, do we know how to waste time!

Please leave a comment and TWEET and RETWEET if you’ve enjoyed these twitter odds and ends.  Thanks for stopping by.

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