The Tree – Part 1

In The Village Beautiful, Miami Shores, Florida, there stands a tree.  The tree is big and tall and strong.  The tree is a mighty tree. It sheds its leaves at will.  When the wind blows, it spreads those leaves far and wide.

TheTreeNot everyone on the street where this tree stands is enamored of this majesty, particularly one lady upon whose rock garden the tree encroaches.

Not only does it encroach on this lady’s property, it covers plants and trees, which stand no chance of blooming for lack of sunlight. It sheds its red berries several times throughout the year, staining the owner’s Old Chicago Brick driveway. It leaves a constant supply of leaves on that same driveway. The mighty tree is so overgrown that its canopy crosses a street, covering the road.

The lady who tends the rock garden has beseeched The Village Beautiful on several occasions to trim the tree away from her property. Her supplications have fallen on deaf ears.

The lady advises that she is willing to pay to have the giant tree trimmed. Again, Miami Shores Village says this is not allowed.

The Code Enforcement Officer advises that although the tree in on village property, the lady cannot legally touch this tree.

The Director of Public Works further advises that his Supervisor of Parks and Streets has examined this mighty tree and considers it not in need of a trim.  The lady is told that the property owner likes the look of the canopy.

So what’s a lady to do?

She has a little tool called a leaf blower.  When the leaves pile up incessantly on her drive, she blows them back under the tree from which they have fallen.

This infuriates one of her neighbors, who, one day, came screaming from his house telling her to bag up the leaves.

On another occasion, his wife calls upon the lady to say that they don’t think its fair for her to blow the leaves back across the street.

The lady and the neighbor take a walk outside to look at the tree.  They note its sheer size and its encroachment upon the rock garden. The neighbor is befuddled as she, too, has no solution for the problem.

To Be Continued . . .

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