I stand motionless, wondering if motion means more than the less I’m feeling now,

If it is filled with light and laughter and song and Spring, where I am light and free and running the race of youth.

I stand motionless, and look into my soul, wondering if there is substance to be found

To guide my journey through the seasons of a life barely begun,

And bound to be over much too soon, for reasoning all the thoughts that should be thought through.

I sleep. I dream. I cannot grasp the colors above me


James Offer / Murmuration

Or the surrounding shadows that hold me motionless.

This soul is torn.

It happened much too quickly for an understanding of a life started in the Spring,

Now sprinting into Summer, waiting for the call to Autumn where, with the leaves, I will drift

Downward into an assailing Winter, sad, yet not sad, as I can feel the motionlessness float away,

Leaving me with a need to move, while removing all need from this motionless soul come to life.

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