As We Look To 2015, Thank You!

It’s been a wonderful learning experience this year working with generous professionals who’ve taught me so much and valued my support.  

A special thank you to the actors and actresses who’ve given me the benefit of their expertise of production values in the audiobook and stage processes.

Even though I’ve mentioned them before, they are:

Ron Herczig  – The Actor 

Sarah Tancer – The Ballerina

Rachael Messer – The Chef

Laurel Morrell – The Hive & The Room

S. Scott Berger – The Nurse

Ron, a celebrity in his own right, was beyond patient, even offering advice for the story trailers.  I’m still re-working The Priest, which Ron will also produce, as it’s on track as my first feature screenplay.

Sarah Tancer brought just the right feeling and tone to The Ballerina.  Even she expressed surprise at the ending.

Rachael Messer worked tirelessly to get the pronunciation just right in The Chef’s decidedly French menu. Even with all of her stage and screen credits, she worked tirelessly for my short story.

Laurel Morrell, who usually produces stories for children, loved the twists of the Hive and The Room.

S. Scott Berger’s soft, southern read of The Nurse will delight you absolutely.  

Finally have work completed thus far in one place here.

As we end this year and look forward to an amazing 2015, the best to all of you who read and subscribe to the blog, and who so generously interact and follow on twitter.

Happy New Year!




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