Talking About Twitter

Why are we still fascinated with Twitter?

Frankly, some of us are and some of us are not so imbued.

Here are some stats, compliments of DazeInfo.


Sobering stuff here.  Only 20% of my tweeps are older than 30. Just 4% are in the 40-49 age bracket. Forty-somethings slowing down or different priorities?

Twitter is panacea for the young.  I, however, prioritize it because I like to eat, so I work, cutting into my tweet time significantly.

We tweet and retweet. We favorite and mention. We buy and sell ourselves and our services and our product.  We find new friends and laud our latest accomplishments,  and fill our heads with trivia beyond relief.

On the other hand, we keep abreast of the latest news and at times become part of its developments.  A good thing, information traveling at the speed of twitter.

Sometimes, I just need a break.  I relax when I’m away from twitter for a day or two, as I was for 5 days last week. Oh, I missed it ’cause the twitter world waits for no one. But I come back to social media with a new perspective and a not so manic fervor to partake of it.

Withdrawal can be a good thing.


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