The Social Media Landscape

Found another interesting infographic yesterday. Think we in the U.S. are social media addicts?  Well, take a look at China.  Alone, Beijing’s population went north of 23 million by the beginning of 2011.  In total, mainland China has about 1.4 billion citizens.  In other words, almost 22% of the world’s population.

Social Media Landscape


Look at the sheer number of Chinese social media outlets.  Whatever they are (don’t know since I don’t speak a word of any Chinese dialect), the user numbers are amazing. comes in at 40,000,000 members, while boasts 50,000,000.

The numbers do not include social media users in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or Macau, each of which China lays claim to.

So the next time you feel a need to express your social media prowess, remember the infographic.



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