Self-Publishing: What a Week This Has Been

I’ve thought a lot about publishing this blog post.  As my self-imposed Thursday deadline (blogging once a week now) came and went, I found myself exhausted, truly.

Three ebook covers arrived, crafted beautifully by Joleene Naylor;  The Hive, Sedated, and The Room. Unfortunately for me, the text of only 1 book converted into the proper Smashwords format.  AutoVetter is, as they say, a witch.  I know a lot of this has do to with  being a first time author (still not yet published, so am I an author really?) and formatting an ebook for the first time.  And yes, I guess I still have to learn to take baby steps, meaning 1 step at a time, 1 project at a time.

THE HIVE - 2000

The process is daunting.  I’ve followed the Smashwords guide, examined the file through Epubcheck, and read it on my MacBook Air through Kindle Cloud Reader.  The text looks perfect.  There must be something that I can’t see, so I’m about to take the file “nuclear” as per Catherine Caffeinated’s excellent guide;  remove all formatting,  re-format from scratch, then submit the updated version to Smashwords.  This is how I’ll spend my Saturday.

I know you’re probably thinking why I don’t just pay a pro to do this. There are lots of them out there, and I was tempted.  I want to experience the process of being an indie, self-published ebook author from start to finish, and at this point, I simply cannot afford to outsource the work.  @dcPriya has written about this extensively.

I’ll get through this relatively unscathed.  I hope it works.  If not, you’ll most likely see “The Hive” as a new short story blog post next week.  Wish me luck.




  1. Like all processes, the formatting side of eBooks gets easier each time you go through it. Even though I’ve practically pulled my hair out more than once, there is no way I would ever outsource the formatting. I’ve seen plenty of eBooks published by “publishers” that contain sooooo many formatting errors.

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