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I missed the Friday Celebration of Small Things at the Lexa Cain blog spot, so I’ll just celebrate today. L.G. Keltner @ Writing Off The Edge and Tonja Drecker @ Kidbits Blog share the Celebrate hosting duties with Lexa. Join in the celebration by clicking on this icon to share something.

Celebrate The Small Things


Well, my little blog was down again.  This time, the hosting service, HostGator said I had exceeded by far my CPU usage.   What?????  So they simply pulled the plug.  After tearing my hair out, I found the email advising me of the blockage and went to work to correct it.  Only took a week of reinstalling plugins and finally deciding what to do with the rest of what I called “junk.”

The offending plugin,WordFence, which scans to keep out hackers and offensive material, had gone berserk, scanning 24/7.

Now, my little blog, at which I post maybe once a week, could not have possibly used that much CPU resource, so I still don’t understand what happened.  All I know is that it’s up and running again for which I am grateful, celebrating doing my happy dance.

What are you celebrating?



  1. Wow! What a pain in the butt! It’s amazing that you found out what the problem was and was able to fix it albeit a week later!
    When I was on a deadline, a pipe under my kitchen sink burst and started leaking and my health insurance was cancelled because of an error. I hate these hiccups in life that stop us from doing what is more important to us. It feels like we’re the only ones having problems, but I guess not.
    I’m glad you got it fixed!

  2. Lexa Cain

    And this is why despite lots of advice telling me to get my own domain, I stay with dinky little Blogger. Nothing ticks me off more than paying for a service that the provider then f***s up. Happened to me lots with internet providers and with cable tv companies. Argh!

    Speaking of weird bloggie stuff, can you believe I got a “cold call” email from a blog designer who found 10 ways to tell me my blog was confusing, too “busy,” and ineffective, and then offered her services to reorganize, do SEO tags, etc. I wonder if the insult-the-prospective-client approach works well for her business. (I can do all that SEO stuff myself and “professionalize” my blog for content, post titles, etc. I just don’t want to. My blog’s just for friends, like you!)
    Lexa Cain recently posted…Celebrate: Good Luck A-Z-ers & GiveawaysMy Profile

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