Walking the beach this morning.  Need inspiration.  Intended to write about the virtues of the hashtag. Instead, she is here.

Queen PalmQueen Palm

With fronds thrashing gently, it sways in the breeze.  It rises along tropical landscapes and stands majestically ensconced as the matriarch of trees:  the Queen Palm. 

No willow.  No Buttonwood.  No Douglas Fir.  None can stand long beside this Palm.  The mighty Oak quakes when the Queen exhibits new foliage.  The ornate Cypress bows in admiration of her fruit. 

Her sisters are legion.  Fan Palm.  Date Palm.  Pygmy and Ponytail.  The Queen reigns over all.  The rhythmic dance that she performs on a whim enthralls all within her vista. 

Lovers have courted under her carriage.  Drunkards have hugged her for support. Her supremacy remains unchallenged.  Long live the queen!

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