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There are so many items of interest to share on twitter that it sometimes makes my head spin. For today’s post, I thought I’d take a minute to talk about 2 tweets that really set me on edge this week. They were completely unexpected.

I know that sometimes I get really excited about things, and sometimes I should get excited.  But as I thought about these particular tweets, I decided that it’s not worth the trouble.  So why am I telling you about them?  For one reason only: I forgot to follow my own twitter rules.  You know, the ones where I have the gumption to tell the world to mind its twitter manners?  Well, my mantra going forward is to follow those rules and remember my manners. It was hard, but I did. And, at least I wasn’t  goaded into a stupid reply.

For all of my expert and experienced tweeps, stuff like this probably rolls off your backs.  You move on to bigger and better things as you’re all tremendously busy, with no time to waste.  Well I did too, although it took me a day. Chalk it up to my inexperience and the fact that my followers, down to a tweep, are always, without fail, kind, generous, and encouraging. I’m sure I’ve tried some patience along the way, but not an unkind word has been tweeted about my blunders. For this, I am grateful.

  • As usual, when I have a new follower, I tweet a note of thanks and welcome, sometimes mentioning the follower’s blog or site and giving my site’s URL in return. This practice actually offended one particular person, who advised of my blatant groveling for site traffic, then promptly unfollowed.
  • I don’t always follow back. Sometimes I don’t speak the language (English and French are all I can manage) so I won’t have much to offer in the way of social interaction. If the follower indicates in a profile or in any other way that English / French is good for communication, I’m in. Or, if a follower sends an inappropriate link, I will not respond. I don’t accumulate followers just to up my twitter numbers. I’ve also learned that I can block an account.

This post is more for other twitter newbies like me (who may be caught off guard) than for the twitter savvy among us. Share and comment on the post if you like. And, to paraphrase a very experienced and accomplished tweep, @dcPriya, if rejection happens, shrug it off.


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  1. Jeri Walker-Bickett (@JeriWB)

    I use the paid version of the justunfollow app. For $4.99 it was the best investment I’ve made in learning to navigate the waters of social media… and I hate to spend money on any of this stuff. I also use lists on Twitter to keep track of various types of tweeps. Otherwise, I’d never track all of my favorites in my regular stream.

  2. Like you I have found that most of the people I’ve met on twitter to be warm, generous and genuinely interesting. Some are so witty in 140 characters I feel as though I’ve stumbled on a masterclass. But there are those who are out to sell, sell, sell (even if all they have to sell is their opinions) and have the manners of a tired toddler. There’s no moral imperative to follow back Just because someone follows you. It’s sensible to be selective otherwise your in-box will be clogged with boring tweets & you will miss the ones that you wnat to read.And as for the complaint about you thanking someone, words fail me! Don’t be sad because you were criticised for good manners and giving something back – be glad that you no longer have such a mean-minded follower!

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