Twitter: Week 1

What a week!  Now a milestone. Completing my first week on Twitter.  To all of you veteran users (forgive me) I mean tweeps, tweeple, twersons, how do you do it?  You must never eat, sleep or do any of the things that ordinary people do. I forgot: You are not ordinary people. Somewhere in the realm of the living, lies a domain of special mortals with fast attitudes, faster fingers, and the fastest comebacks in the west. All of you live there, and I so wanted to come to the party.

Setting up my Twitter account was child’s play:  learning what to do with it is another story altogether. After all, who am I going to talk to?  I don’t know any of these people, none of the 7 billion, gazillion users — I mean tweeters — spending the day telling the world about toenails, vampires, Beyonce’s hair, and new works of fiction.  So, I did what a million others have done and linked the account to my new blog and hoped for the best. By the way, even though I still have great expectations for this blog, WordPress has been a challenge. That, however, is the subject of another post.  As @dcPriya advises, I’m starting slow, as one can get easily caught up in meaningless Twitter frenzy and get knocked off kilter.

I’ve gathered a few followers even though I’m not marketing any of my work.  Conversations are sometimes easy, sometimes strained, but always a learning experience. At other times, my overtures are simply ignored. The hard part is to keep writing while trying to build a business strategy using Twitter. Don’t even get me started on a distribution platform.  One thing my tweeps have taught me is that self-publishing is the way to go: That’s where the confusion comes in.  I’ve followed tweets about Amazon versus Apple (Breakout Books) versus Smashwords and have gotten a lot of good information but it’s still slow going.

I know I can’t beat the Twitterverse for calling attention to what’s on my blog, but getting its denizens there is a whole different story. Furthermore, I’m still debating if anyone wants to read short stories or satirical works on a blog:  I’m going to post one or two just to gauge the reach. They’re part of a series that I will, eventually, self-publish using one of the above mentioned e-commerce handlers.  I’m developing the short stories into screenplay shorts,  meaning another distribution method altogether. I simply do not have the patience or the fortitude to pull together a fictional piece where the zombie fights the vampire over a cure for the vampire chick’s boyfriend’s fungus-ridden ingrown toenail.

As I continue to develop new Twitter linguistic skills, I am amazed at my fluency. I have yet to meet a hashtag (#) I didn’t like. They are everywhere. In fact, if I can’t find what I want, I’ll make one up. Hashtags have lives of their own. The most famous ones get to trend. Looking for people? Tweeps tweeple on Tuesday, woof on Wednesday, and follow on Friday. No wonder I’m loosing command of the English language!

This has been a rough first week. Of course, I’m thinking perhaps I went about this all wrong. The blog should have been up and running before I got carried away with Twitter. I could invite people to the blog after having had something relevant to say:  key word, relevant. Helping someone learn about the art of blogging (I believe it is an art) or asking experts for their advice on self-publishing are both things that I, as a new blogger, not only can do but need to do. Other bloggers would also find these topics interesting.

I’ve learned now that Twitter is merely (in a good way) a process and a means to an end. I’ve had fun in the Twittervese, met some new friends, and become very familiar with the power of the hashtag. @dcPriya and @CarlPurdon surely know the influence of Twitter while accepting the  struggles that accompany being accomplished authors. I’d just like to get thru the next week intact, knowing that a year from now, there won’t be a hashtag in the world that I can’t dispatch.


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  2. This post is hilarious! You have a wonderful gift for writing humor, Marilyn.

    Your words take me back to when to I was a brand new tweeter, alone in the world (of Twitter), and wondering what it all means. That was all of twenty months ago, I’d like to point out. 🙂

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