New eBook Covers – The Room and The Ballerina

Here’s a look at the 2 new short story ebook covers, “The Room” and “The Ballerina.”

Designed by Joleene Naylor, the cover for “The Room” depicts the dark forces plaguing the mind of a woman running from that which she cannot possibly understand.



Joleen worked on the cover in spite of my not using PayPal, her usual method of payment.

Thank you Joleene!  Find her on Twitter @joleene_naylor.


The Ballerina1 eBook


The second story, “The Ballerina,” tells the tale of a talented ballerina longing for a career cut short because of family matters.  I altered a stock photo.  Hope it works.


Tried Amazon, Smashwords, and iBooks for my self-pub efforts. Learned that I can turn anything, no matter how simple, into a disaster.  Decided to take a page from the Blog Tyrant and create my own PDF eBooks. His insight into online marketing is nothing short of amazing.  You won’t regret stopping by his site.

One self-pub author from Twitter, @beninoz, has a revamped site where he markets his own books.  See for yourself the gorgeous job Ben Brown has done. I have lots of ideas from this site.

I’m also looking again seriously at Lulu and have signed up for a store account.  I blogged about it briefly here.

I’m treading lightly into these self-pub waters. The more I learn about the self-pub process, the murkier those waters become.

Wish me luck.


  1. OMG, bff, I love those ebook covers; especially the one for The Room. It gives me the chills, because you know I like all things spooky and scary! 🙂 So, where can I obtain a copy of said ebook? PS – I have missed you like CRAZY!! Sigh …

    • Girl, my ebooks will show up in your Christmas stocking & that’s that! I know you’ll love the Ballerina. They’re really short stories with a punch. Don’t know when I started getting so dark. Missed you a big bunch. You’re like a compass for me. Think that’s why I’ve been so wild &

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