Meet The Artist SteliosPmusic

Can’t believe that I’m meeting so many really talented artists on Twitter. Featuring just one each week, I could blog forever!  

@SteliosPmusic is one such talent. He’s been writing music for movies since he was 5-6 years old. To show you the extent of his abilities, he actually deletes music from some of his favorite movies and writes new music over it.  Now THAT is talent!

In his own words, “I wanna make everything possible through my eyes, how I perceive and see things, because of where I was born, meaning so far, a lot to sacrifice for a dream. So I am a dreamer-believer-liver.”

 By the way, he’s not too bad on the eyes, either.

Here is his soft, sultry, turn of Evanescence – My Immortal Cover.

You can find find more of his music on Soundcloud and YouTube.



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