Meet The Actor


My series, Meet The Actor, continues.  Once a week, I introduce three very talented people whose work I’ve come to know from a site known as Karmalicity.

Meet Gregory Blair.  You can follow him on Twitter @TheGregoryBlair.  Have you seen the official poster from one of his latest films, Garden Party Massacre? Click the title to have a look.

Find Bill Housekeeper on Twitter @Lemac55.  He’s Meisner trained from Jeff Goldblum. Talk about talented and productive, find his IMDb creds here.

A talented actor, dancer, model, and producer, Dawn Noel is on Twitter @DAWNPIGNUOLA. Check out her short film, 22 Years Short Film.  It’s nominated for the 2016 Best Short Film Imagen Award.

So, there you have just a few of the many artistic and inspired people who I’ve met at Karmalicity, where we all support and encourage one another in our creative endeavors.

They’re good people to know.

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