Love and Happiness

Heard a song the other day, “Love and Happiness.” 

The Righteous Reverend Al Green recorded it in 1972.

The song goes on about me being good to you and you being good to me.

The power of love, making one do right, making one do wrong. The power of love, making us walk and talk together. The power of love, making one happy.

I wrote about loveI wrote about happiness

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According to the Righteous Reverend, seems I wasn’t so far off after all.

But think about what makes us happy in our social media interactions. 

No one can tell you what you feel. No one can tell you that such and such make for happiness.

What about the effects others have on us in social media?

While we’re plying a trade or making a sale, one should remain mindful of the reaction to an action.

It’s not hard, really.

And I can tell you one thing about social media that you can take to the bank:  Being  thoughtful, being kind, and being trustworthy will earn you, most certainly, a place of respect.

It’s not about you, even though we all like to think it is sometimes.

It’s about the message.

It’s about your reach and the help you bring to the party.

It’s about the love and the happiness.

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