IWSG: How Time Flies

Wow, does time ever fly. Already the first week in October, and the first Wednesday of the month. Time for my submission to the Insecure Writer’s Support Group.

InsecureWritersSupportGroupThis is a place founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh, mentor and full-time ninja for writers. I think my blogging friend at lilicasplace.com initially called him ninja. Last month with my first submission, I inadvertently called Alex a her.  Was I ever embarrassed?

Not a word of scorn came from this wonderful group of people, for which I am grateful.

As I continue to work on my writing, I think I take myself too seriously sometimes.  That tends to cause me a lot of problems. I have to learn to chill. I’ll give you one example. I was working on a television character that I called Jack initially, Jack Steel. Jack’s an attorney, womanizer, and thug. Then I thought, I know this name from somewhere.

Yes, indeed. Too bad there was already a TV show about a group of prosecutors with a Jack Steel character.

Jack became Robert Steel.  Don’t like the sound of that one. Robert became Adam and, at the same time, lost the Steel part. The character is now Adam Worthington, with prep school pedigree and Ivy League law behind him. He is, however, a fatally flawed man; at least he starts out this way.

While obsessing over the character’s name, I thought Marilyn, forget it.  Just get on with developing the character and the beats of the story. The name will come.  Well, it ain’t here yet, but it must be close.

Isn’t it funny how some little thing like a name could take me so off track? As much as I hate to admit it, it took so much time and effort.  I realize that I could have put that time and effort to better use. Won’t be too hard on myself this time.  Just won’t keep making the same mistake, as time really is at a premium.

Until next month, happy writing to all.


  1. Hey BFF! And it’s Ninja Captain Alex J Cavanaugh! 😀 And yes, I would agree, sometimes you are a bit hard on yourself. You’re a perfectionist. I can see that in you. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t take it to extremes. I take things to some extremes; I’m basically afraid of my own shadow. Lol. At least you know that you need to ‘chill’ a little; so do I. Funny how we have different circumstances, but we’re on such similar paths.

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