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Another first Wednesday of the month. Time to post for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group from Alex J. Cavanaugh.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve thought seriously about how to control all the things that I do on my writing train.

Insecure Writer's Support GroupNeed to focus.  Short stories or essays, poetry or screenplays.  Then, there is the blog.

Got to give some time to the twitterverse.  Tweeps need support too!

This is the fear of being stretched too thin and not giving any of the writing its due.

I’m not good at schedules and routine.  Most of mine go straight out the window BECAUSE a new idea has come along.

I’m sure this comes from my many years as a kinder teacher, where working with a room full of 5 year olds keeps you jumping from one thing to the next.

Let me know how you keep on track.  Need to settle down before the insecure writer conducting this train runs out of steam.


  1. Aside from the part about teaching 5 year-olds (I’d go insane!!), this post could have come straight out of my own head. Sometimes I feel like I lump on so many necessary functions to my writing life that I can’t see past the to do list. And every time I seem to find a routine that works, I fall off the wagon after a few weeks. I hope someone has some good insight to offer, because I’d love to hear it, too.

  2. Hey BFF, it’s excruciatingly difficult to keep on track with everything, when juggling so many balls at one time. I suppose in a lot of ways I’m like you. Sometimes even with my best efforts, some things just fall out the window, so to speak. I’ve tried just about everything; all I can do is the best I can. You’ll pull it off; you always do. That’s why I admire you so much. Happy IWSG Day.

  3. Haha! This is exactly me too! I’m always getting distracted by shiny new ideas, and my world is full of unfinished pieces. I wish I knew how to stay on track, so if you figure it out, please do let me know!

  4. What motivates you? I’m a list and chart gal. Tracking my progress in a spreadsheet or coloring in a little thermometer my daughter made me are some of the ways I keep myself on track.

    I had a hard time finishing my first book. Not because I didn’t know how to end it, but because it was going to be emotionally hard, and I had a new idea I wanted to jump ship for. I held that new book out there to myself as a bribe. “Finish this one, then you get to write that one.” It worked. In fact, I’m doing it again right now with two new books. LOL.

  5. There’s no way to put it but to say, “Just sit down and write.” It took a long time for me to develop a schedule that would accommodate the setting I need to be able to write. But, I’m also not militant about it. Family visits? My schedule is put on hold. Got the flu? Schedule is modified. Kids need new shoes and clothes? Writing moved to the evening hours. Whatever you do, however you do it, make some time, anytime, everyday to write something.

    But scheduling isn’t everything. I think setup is important. Learn to setup the environment that works for you. Some people work with loud music, some can work with kids running around the house, some can work in between other projects, and some people work in a kitchen, etc.. For me, I have to have my environment setup correctly. No kids in the house, no music or television, no appointments to wait for, at least a few straight hours with no interruptions, and if an idea pops in my head I write down a blurb of it to get to it later. If you take the time to set yourself up for writing, the writing may just come naturally.

    It just so happens that right now I am battling with a sinus infection, so this week my schedule revolves around whatever sleep I can get! What’s the lesson here? Be flexible! 😀

    • OMG you sound as if you’ve got it just right. Flexible I am, maybe a little too much. I can easily shift gears, no kids to bother with but something always upsets what I have in mind. Going to try as you do & set myself up for the writing. Thanks for reading and your advice. Now go & get some rest. Feel better.

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