#IWSG – Ups and Downs Make A Writer Insecure

May was one bear of a month. High days, low days, almost no in between days.


Amazon Studios nixed my TV series, ABC Land. Kept the treatment for 45 days. Hope it doesn’t turn up somewhere else unexpectedly.

Lost a finished script, ACQUITTAL, the tale of a boozing attorney.  Can’t find it on either Mac, must be in the cloud somewhere.

Hallmark Channel won’t look at my script, The Christmas Heart, because I don’t have an agent.

Have yet to find an agent, as my “body of work” is lacking.

Insecure Writer's Support Group


Finished the latest eBook, THE CHEF.

Started the next eBook,  THE NURSE.

Received some wonderful screenwriting software, Final Draft.  Have no excuse now not to finish any script.  This is the stuff professionals are made of.

Signed on to a character development screenwriting class. 6 weeks and I’m out.

Currently going thru the iDraw tutorials to make my own eBook covers.  This program is driving me crazy but I need to learn this.

Finally (and this is a biggie for me),  calming myself down enough to adhere to a writing schedule.

And that was the month of May. Can’t wait to see what June has in store.

If you’re feeling a tad insecure in your writing, just click on the image to join us on the first Wednesday of each month.


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