IWSG: Wonder Why Writers Are So Insecure?

Wonder why writers are so insecure? My insecurities continue because of certain types of email I receive:  Screenwriting / Scriptwriting Won’t Exist In Two Years.

Insecure Writer's Support GroupYes, you read it right.  According to this renowned, award-winning author, it’s time I choose a new career.  Now.  Right Now!

From his exclusive webinar, I can learn about great opportunities, writing for greeting card companies, marketing agencies, and government document creation agencies.

The day of the TV and Hollywood blockbusters is over and done.  No one needs a scriptwriter.

As if it’s not hard enough trying to make a living as a writer, this is what I get.

Well, wouldn’t you know that yesterday was April Fools Day.  Boy, was I ever fooled.  How dare this guy toy with my insecurities.  His timing was, to say the least, impeccable.

So here I am on April 2nd recounting this story to you.  Believe me, you guys are the only ones with whom I’d share this.

From blogging to short stories to screenplays, the writer’s life is not funny, especially if you’re trying to make a living out of it.

However, I did lighten up, thinking, Marilyn, maybe you’re taking yourself way too seriously here. Just enjoy the writing journey.  Somewhere down the line, it’ll all come together.


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