IWSG: An Insecure Writer On Writing

I used to think that the more I write, the more confident I would become in my choice of words, my style, and my ability to convey a thought as deftly as any wordsmith.

What happened with my choice of words?  I’m constantly checking a thesaurus as my words just don’t seem right.

InsecureWritersSupportGroupWhat happened with my writing style? I had a creative writing coach tell me just last week that I write like Robert Louis Stevenson.  Not a compliment, as he continued, nobody reads that stuff anymore.

What happened with the way I convey a thought?  My thoughts sometimes ramble.  I seem to write as though I’m talking to no one in particular, except myself.  As we all know,  that is not a good sign.

Is this my style or is it just the way I meander through the creative process?

A friend said to me that only time would tell.

To the keepers of time I say, I just wish you would hurry up.

To Alex J. Cavanaugh for starting the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, I send a big




  1. I have to ask myself if your creative writing ‘coach’, ‘teacher’, or whatever he is supposed to be, knows what he’s talking about. Your short stories are great. How to Train Your Vampire in Ten Easy Steps…I love that! I can understand if your coach needs to give you some constructive criticism/feedback regarding technique or structure, but he just sounds like a complete jerk; or am I just misinterpreting your post?

    Don’t ever forget that you’re awesome and we’re taking a journey together. So when (not if) one of us succeeds, we’re going to get together and celebrate the others accomplishment, because that’s what bffs do.

  2. I’ve second-guessed myself on my voice, my style, etc. a number of times when I’m actually in the process of writing, and I guess my best advice would be to just stop those thoughts and let the words flow. Easier said than done, I know. But you will achieve your own unique voice – it’s already there in what you’ve written but perhaps slightly buried. Keep at it!

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