Insecure Writer Vows To Be More Secure In 2014

This year is off to one heck of a start.  Really referring to the weather.  What’s up with all of this cold? 

Just the thing for me though.  I’ve been snowed in typing my fingers off.  Think I’ve done some good stuff, but only time will tell.

More scripts to finish (3), screenwriting classes to work thru, and friends to make.  Like all the nice people I’ve met through the IWSG.

Insecure Writer's Support GroupYou guys are the best.  Helped me keep my sanity a couple of times last year and I just signed up a few months ago!

Thank you. Hope I can return the favor.

The writing does get easier but I realize now that I am painfully shy when it come to the marketing part, meaning I may just be poor for a tad longer.

Gave away 1 script that has somehow vanished from the face of the earth. Lesson learned: Get some professional help.  Read; agent, rep, attorney, anybody more knowledgeable about this business than I.

New year, new experiences.  All should make for a more secure insecure writer.


  1. Marketing books is difficult. I used to work in sales and hated it, but it did teach me how to put myself out there. I’ve found though that the best marketing with books is to build a platform and be patient. I’m still working on both.

    • My eBooks come out this week and I’ll just tweet about them once or twice. That’s the best I can do right now & I’m still working up to it.
      The snow’s not a problem as I’m still on vacation here. Back to MIA sunday. By the way, thank so much for stopping by the blog. Appreciate it!

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