How Do I Get There From Here?

It’s an absolutely gorgeous day out today.  It happens that today is Easter Monday.  Why do I mention this?  It’s not important, really.  It’s just that I like holidays and holy days and all the days in which tradition plays a part.

Small part.  Big part.  Doesn’t really matter.

I find it helps my soul, especially in relating to my fellow man. I think that I work too hard sometimes and do not fully understand or appreciate what it takes to be fully in the present.

I need to give more and take less.

I should pay forward all that stuff that comes to me so easily.

I would like to spend more time doing the stuff that everyone says I should do for success.  But I can’t.

I’m too busy writing, eating, writing, sleeping, writing, thinking, writing, dreaming.  See a pattern here?

how do i get there from hereI’ll get it right some day.  One day.  Then, I’ll wonder if the marketeers were right all along.

Always be ready to see the other side of things.  Perhaps what I’m doing is O.K for now, but how far will it take me? How far is far enough?  

Things change.  Fast. I should be ready to change course and to steer where it is I want to go. That’s the how I get there from here.

Just hope I have the foresight to stay the course to get there.

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