Happy Thanksgiving !

Just a word of thanks to all the trusting people who’ve helped me thus far to make some type of online presence.  Believe me, it’s not as easy as you think.

Thanksgiving BountyRon Cogswell

Almost nine months.  I’m not selling anything.  I’m just writing.

I like to talk.  I like people.  I have lots of stories to tell.

Yes, it’s a struggle to blog and to write the shorts and to grapple with the fledgling television script and to write the essays and to lose an animator and to stop a project and . . .

I could go on. Not today.

Instead, I am humbled.  I offer a simple, singular THANK YOU to my followers and to those who respond in their own ways to my tweets and posts.

The encouragement does not go unnoticed. 

Even if you don’t  celebrate this American holiday, I probably haven’t said thank you before.  I thank you now

A Happy Thanksgiving to all. Enjoy this time.


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