Happy Birthday To The Blog

Today, OnBecomingaWriter.com is 3 months old.  Happy birthday, blog!  What better time to share lessons learned thus far.happy birthday, blog

  • It takes time to build a blog.  Three months isn’t a lot of time in the blogging world.  The growing pains are still obvious but it’s getting better. Two revamps of the site (there will probably be more) and it looks a lot cleaner and more professional, if I’m allowed to say that. The real challenge, however, is building relationships through the twitter world:  the kind of relationships that will encourage people to visit the site, find relevant subjects, and want to return. For a shy gal, this has not been easy. But you know what?  The more I extended myself, the more interactions I’ve developed and the more enjoyable and easier it has become.  The twitterverse has a forgiving and generous soul.
  • I’ve learned that twitter and blogging do go hand in hand.  At first, I thought that the blog should have been up and running long before I entered the world of twitter.  Without twitter, I would have just been blogging to myself.  So would that have been a blog? I’ve found content on twitter that’s relevant to me as a writer and I’ve found resources that I can share through the blog.  It’s a symbiotic relationship that requires nurturing.
  • I’m not an expert on all things twitter.  I’m not even an expert on self-publishing ebooks or writing novels like most of my followers.  I do know with all confidence, however, that I have access to the best experts in these fields solely because of my twitter relationships. The learning curve has prompted me to seek out these experts by subscribing to their blogs, following their relationships, and opening a dialog when I have a question or can offer a relevant comment. I also get the privilege of sharing their views and expertise on my blog.

Blogging opened up a new world for me, a world in which I’m sometimes confused, sometimes entertained, but always learning.  Happy birthday to the blog!

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