My Happiness

You asked me what happiness is. Happiness is finding a job that you really love.  It’s the job that you go off to every morning singing:  You know that the little people there will run to meet you and grab you by the hand or arm or leg (whatever they can reach) and asked if you missed them last night.

HappinessHappiness is having thirty-two Kindergarten students look at you with big, bright searching eyes, wondering why you didn’t understand their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner:  after all, you’ve only worked with them on the words for the past three weeks!

Happiness is hearing those same students laugh and scream at the top of their lungs out at the Big Toy play lot.

Happiness is watching them leave for home at the end of the day and hearing them call to you, “See you tomorrow, Ms. Parel, don’t forget to come back,” as if I’d ever want to not come back.

That’s what happiness is.

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