Happiness Is As Natural As Breathing

Happiness Is As Natural As Breathing.

The surprise birthday cake makes you happy. The fact that someone even bothered to remember you on that special day makes you happy.

Seeing a group of children at play makes you smile.  You’re transported back to that place and time when you were kicking the ball, and you’re happy.

I once wrote that I wish someone could bottle happiness and give me a case.  Nobody ever did.

It’s not hard to be happy.  It’s a natural, freely residing within each of us.

I don’t mean the kind of big, fat, belly laugh happy you hear when someone’s having a really, really good time.

happyDenise Cortez

I mean the happy of being content. Happy that you are wherever it is you are at this time and place.  All is as it should be within you and with the world.

Open you eyes, wide like the little kid in the candy store. It’s amazing what you’ll see around you.  You finally wake up.

No more dream walking.

You’re here.  You’re breathing.  You’re happy.

It’s a given.

It’s a natural.

It’s happiness.

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