Five Reasons Why Marilyn Loves Twitter

I composed my very first tweet on 31 January 2013.  I fell in love with Twitter immediately. The love affair continues 829 tweets later. These are the reasons why.

  1. Twitter is fun.  It is an exciting place.  The tweeps are friendly and encouraging, unlike some of the other social networking sites we have come to know and not like so much.
  2. Twitter operates at the speed of light.  Nothing is permanent.  Tweets are literally here today and gone today. Yes, they are archived for your convenience but chances are you don’t want to see them again anyway.
  3. Twitter opens up a whole new world for me.  Even though I travel quite a bit, I’ve met people on Twitter from all over the world; people who I never would have come to know in a zillion years.
  4. Twitter is helping to hone my skills as a writer.  Yes, the nature of the tweet (140 characters or less) challenges me to entice followers to my new blog,, with short, snappy come ons. I check the blog stats and find out immediately which hooks work better than others.
  5. Twitter is NOT Facebook. I repeat, Twitter is NOT Facebook. Now let’s be honest. You don’t like Facebook either.  I simply refuse to go to the Facebook dance.  Its far too much drama over there for this gentle soul.

There is so much more to like about Twitter.  As I continue my journey in the Twitterverse, I’ll find uses for the network that I don’t yet know.  That’s when I’ll reach out to my oh-so-generous tweeps for guidance in navigating the ins and outs of this remarkable vehicle known as Twitter.




  1. I agree! Haven’t had a bad Facebook experience but I am careful about what I post (nothing I wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see, the kind of employer who was offering a dream job for a fabulous salary). What I say to everyone is that it is not a private place don’t treat it like one…
    Back to twitter – basically it’s sharing information (have you heard…) and sometimes it’s sharing feelings (Isn’t that awful?!) as you might with a neighour – only these neighbours can live the other side of the world. And of course for some people who live where sharing information and/or feelings is prohibited, it can be a political act — getting the news out.
    And it can also be very funny. Constantly amazed how witty people can be in 140 characters – not me. But at least I can retweet.
    I’m on twitter as @goodconfession if you want to follow, neighbour!!

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