Express Yourself – My Favorite Subject In College

My favorite subject in college was Philosophy.  To the chagrin of my parents, mom a nurse and dad an airline mechanic, the choice of Philosophy was questionable at best.  What did I intend to do with a degree in Philosophy?  Think great thoughts, of course.  Like Plato, Sartre, and Kierkegaard (my fav) before me, I would speak and / or write and people would listen.

I spent hours on end researching Existentialism because, I think therefore I am.  What a novel thought!

Nov2013tReality set in at graduation when I couldn’t find a job. Ford Motor Company wasn’t hiring philosophers.

No worries, I thought, I’ll just continue my education and get a Master’s degree in . . . Philosophy.  Did and done.  Now what?

Absolutely no one was hiring, but wait.  Ford’s was searching for analytical minds with advanced degrees to look at corporate policy and procedure in some of its assembly plants.  And, yes it welcomed philosophers.

I dug hard and deep into that first job.  Went to work in various plants in several positions and loved every minute of it, thinking philosophy wasn’t so bad after all.

My love of Liberal Arts and the Classics is with me to this day.  Unfortunately, I have a real bad habit called “eating” that I must satisfy.  So, I write.

Not too sure if it’s a lot better than being a philosopher but I’m a happy soul.  Calm inside and feeding my own creative habit.

Thanks Jackie and Dani for taking us all back to the basics of expressing ourselves.

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