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Expressing myself about a television show is far too difficult for me. You see, I am completely subjective about the genre and the actor and the make-up and the setting.

Then again, I am expressing myself so that doesn’t matter, does it?  It’s not a review, right?  Just what I watch. So, here goes.


(That CURRENTLY WATCHING is a real deal breaker. My favorite show of all time is Hell On Wheels. It just wrapped for the season and fans are waiting with bated breath for any word of renewal for a season 4.  Hear that @AMC_TV?)

The Walking Dead

Sleepy Hollow


The Good Wife


Looking forward to the return of Downton Abbey in January.  Friends in London have tortured me while enjoying season 4 there. Downton’s already been renewed for a 5th season.

A little aside here.  The Hell On Wheels Fans for Charity store is now open. Many of my favorite twitter tweeps are involved in this endeavor. Three worthy organizations benefit from all proceeds; The Pacer Center for Anti-bullying, Team Rubicon, and the Kidney Foundation of Canada.  Find out more at the Hell On Wheels Fans for Charity Facebook page.

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