Express Yourself – Chores

The one chore that I abhor absolutely is ironing.  Does anybody iron anymore?  In fact, I haven’ seen my ironing board in years.  It’s been MIA for a long, long time.

Express YourselfWay back in 19 . . .,  I remember ironing a blouse.  I must have been going out to some fancy, schmancy place.  I don’t even remember where. I do, however, remember the torture of ironing.

One chore that I love, look forward  to actually, is vacuuming.  I love my vac. I take it out, pump up the music, usually Macklemore or Eminem, and away I go.  In my own world of song and dance.

Silly, I know, but true.  It’s probably the best exercise I get, too.

I bet you find something motivating about a chore you love. I’ll read all about it as I hop the blogs.

Thanks for stopping by and talk to you next week.


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