Express Yourself – Who Am I?

Well, looks like I’m back on track.  Getting organized is such a pain sometimes, no matter how necessary.

Thanks Jackie & Dani, for still including me in the blog roll even though I haven’t posted for Express Yourself in a while.

Express YourselfThis week, the meme asks to pick one fictional character that reflects my personality.

That is so easy for me.  It’s Hester Prynne, of course, of Scarlet Letter fame.

Of course?  Yes. She was bright and articulate.  It was having that baby out-of-wedlock that got her into trouble.

Her life was out of control.  She offended at times, obviously.  She was a beauty (subjective) who loved men, and couldn’t ( or chose not to) keep a man.

Yep, this is me alright. To the core of my very being. Just working on keeping it altogether.

Now who said that life can be stranger than fiction, or vice versa?  Anyone?

‘Til next week and more of Express Yourself.


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