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eBook BallerinaThe Ballerina – A short, dark story of what happens to a dancer who gave up a promising career.

eBook The RoomThe Room – A dark, short tale about a woman’s descent into madness.

eBook The ActorThe Actor – He finally had it all, including love.  A short story about the actor’s inability to cope with the aftermath of marriage.

eBook The Chef

The Chef – A short story of a young, ambitious chef who returns to her small home town and opens a restaurant.  It does not go as she had planned.

The Nurse

The Nurse – A short, dark fiction story about a man returning from war broken and alone.   His demons are too much to bear.


  1. BFF, you need to make that story with the little girl and the bees into an ebook. I would buy that in a heartbeat. I notice you don’t have it up anymore. I used to read it all the time. Get to work! 🙂 Me… I’m such a slave driver, aren’t I?

    • Slave driver, yep. That’s what I need as I’d never get off of my backside sometimes. The bee girl is on Lulu as a PDF. I had a spat with them so I never put anything else there. Paid them to format THE BALLERINA and it cam out looking worse than anything I could have ever done. That’s why I’m now a confirmed do-it-yourselfer. Now turning it into an audio book aid ACX.

        • You are so Good for my ego. It’s on Amazon now. AND you are so much more of a fighter. I’m so wimpy sometimes that I scare myself. Also publishing all the ebooks on Audible. This is screenplay week so I won’t be around much. Got to get this stuff finished or I’ll be living under a bridge somewhere. Summer’s coming so that wouldn’t be so bad I guess.

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