The Crisis Communicator

Finally back on track.  The week spent in New Orleans working a Crisis Management seminar reminded me why I left the world of Public Relations.

For some unfathomable reason, these very intelligent people (doctors, tech gurus, health care administrators), still don’t get it.

blindfoldedMirko Tobias Schaefer

A CRISIS.  Unexpected and unrelenting.

One can easily avoid a crisis by exercising a little forethought and planning.  Keep a crisis communication plan in place. 

Believe me, the crisis will come.

Hire a crisis communicator to keep you out of the doghouse.  Use that same communicator, not the bumbling, stumbling CEO or CFO, to deal with the media and the public.

In-house marketing and public relations people are often too close to a problem to recognize it as a problem.

Seek an independent mind outside of the inner sanctum.

End of rant.  It was just so tiring trying to convince organizations that a good crisis communicator is worth her weight in gold, or chocolate, if you prefer.

So now, back to the writing and the tweeting.  Lots of catching up to do on both fronts.

I’ve missed it.



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