On Creativity

What sparks your creativity? 

A mood, a sandwich, or an iguana in the backyard (I live in Miami)? I sat recently at my Mac completely at a loss for words.  I’m usually up writing by 5 am.  Everything’s quiet and rising early is a habit from my days as a kindergarten teacher.

But that day, I was as blank as the screen staring back at me.  Get a grip, Marilyn, I told myself. I stepped away from the machine.  In fact, I went to the beach. I reasoned that, at that time of the morning, I’d have a long stretch of sand to myself. I’d feel the salt air spray, smell the sea, and feel inspired enough to go home ready to write.

inspire creativity Mark Wassell

Boy, was I wrong. I had forgotten where I live:  The beach was full.

I mean, it could have been the Fourth of July! People and dogs were everywhere.  I counted two exercise classes, one group meditating, three senior aerobic ensembles, and one group that looked strikingly similar to members of a drug cartel.

I went home with a complete cast of characters to write about.

Can creativity be nurtured and developed or are some people just born with it?

What, in particular, inspires you to write and to blog? Is there something special that ignites a creative spark in you?  Or, is just getting information out there the end all?

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  1. The beach may have been crowded (really at 5am!) but good move to get out and do something – a lot of research been done about the link between creativity and physical activity. Partly I think because you have to switch off from the anxiety of ‘I have time to write and I haven’t got anything to write about’ and just be. And that gives the chance for the creative what if/what’s that? side of you to play….

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