Celebrate The Small Things


Can’t believe it’s the end of October.  Where did the year go?

So many things have changed.  So much has happened.

Joined the Twitterverse and started the blog this past year.

Script rejected.  Car totaled by a little old blind lady. 

Unbelievably nice dinner surprise.  Celebrate the Small Things

Awards for the blog.

I know.  I’m late to the party but just celebrating the small things.

Yet, one of the nicest things that have happened thus far is meeting so many genuinely nice bloggers and tweeps.  You guys are amazing.

Got lots of work for the next 3 days, but sitting here this morning sipping green tea, I’m celebrating quiet time.

I’m looking out the window.  Fall has arrived. The birds and squirrels are fighting for the last bit of seed, which I replenish dutifully every day.

The sky is gray and overcast. Darkness comes early to the Berkshires.

I’ve a quietness that I rarely experience in Miami.

Such a small thing.  Something I cherish and celebrate.






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