Celebrate The Small Things

No real biggies to celebrate today.

But then, that’s the reason for this post, isn’t it?

Celebrate the Small Things

I’m celebrating ending one bear of a work week and looking forward to a day off.  Yes, that day is today.

Kicking back, working in the garden, and feeling happy and free.

Today is my day to just exhale.

Thanks @Vixatthemovies for reminding us to Celebrate The Small Things!


  1. Hi, I just joined the blog hop, and am happy to meet you. Being newly retired, I “feel your pain” about bearish work weeks. That was my life for so many years, until I had earned enough to buy my freedom–to retire at 60 instead of 66! But not all work weeks are bad, and so I’ll say a prayer that your upcoming week will be much better. Meanwhile, enjoy your few hours of freedom and the time to spend in the garden.

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