Celebrate The Small Things

Thank God for Friday.  I’m celebrating because I’m taking the day off.  Worked like crazy this week trying to covert eBook covers into audio book covers to meet the Audible.com specs.

I must be crazy.  Took me 3 days to figure out that I could never turn the eBook rectangle aspect ratio into a square Audible book.  Dummy on board.

Celebrate the Small Things So, what I did instead was to add to the sides of the rectangular eBooks and made them square.  Can’t stretch a rectangle so just pad it.

It worked. I’m happy. 

So as soon as Audible approves the new covers, I’ll have a few audio books on iTunes and Audible.com.

Today is a good day to celebrate. Keep it going Viklit and Dani.


    • Hi Lexa,

      The Audible deal is not expensive at all, I guess because you share profits with the reader / producer. Thanks for pointing me to the guy who can help with the covers from ebook cover to audible spec. Happy you found my little blog!

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