Celebrate The Small Things


Finally!  Took two weeks but the new blog is up and running.  

Or should I say limping? Sometimes a click might surprise you, linking to something that should have been, but is not. Think the worst is behind me.  I’ve got to tweak some bells and whistles and hope it all comes together.  In other words, it’ll be a work in progress for a while.

Enjoy if you can, as I’ll really work at getting back into the blogging business.  Need to get back to script writing too.  Anyway, this is my celebration for the week.  

If you’d like to celebrate with us, click on the Celebrate icon and head on over to the Lexa Cain blogspot, where, every week Lexa hosts the Celebrate The Small Things blog hop.  We visit and share our celebrations, no matter how small.

Celebrate The Small Things

What are you celebrating this week?


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