Celebrate The Small Things

Greetings, my fellow Celebrate The Small Things blog hoppers. It’s nice to share with such a welcoming group, brought together by Lexa Cain and friends. Every Friday, we share something notable, no matter how big or how small. 

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Celebrate The Small Things

I started last week by cleaning up the blog.  Boy, did I ever do a good cleaning.  I panicked this morning when I found half of my Celebrate posts had disappeared. For the other half, I could only view the HTML markup text.  After working throughout the day and moving to a different Mac, I recovered most of the posts and the hyper text is where it should be. Still don’t know what happened.

Then, last week as I started to visit other blogs and leave comments, I found my credentials to comment were not accepted.  Not my WordPress creds or the Open ID login. Some of you might have noticed that I simply signed the comment in the body of the comment form, “From mparel @ onbecomingawriter.com.” It posted as “anonymous.”

What a mess!  At least I still have my IMDB creds in place, even though I haven’t worked in a year. You can view the latest ones here.

Going to keep working on the website this week, might change the style and font type. And finally, FINALLY feeling the Christmas spirit. Amen!

What are you celebrating this week?


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