Celebrate The Small Things

This is our weekly Celebrate The Small Things blog hop. We visit other blogs to see what everybody wants to celebrate and share.

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Celebrate The Small Things

I’m celebrating my evolving baking skills this week. Just call me Marilyn, the Macaroon Queen. Not ready to challenge Ladurée just yet, but I am getting there. Of course, I get to eat what I bake!

Absolution, the screenplay that I’ve been working on forever, is going full steam ahead. Father Jack Steele is some priest. Of course he’s an alcoholic, but he rides Cassandra, his dino, much better when he’s had a few. 

What are you celebrating this week?


    • Hi Lexa, Just dealing with all of the mess life suddenly tossed my way. Had to take a social media break as incoherence had surely set in. Will try & be back after the new year and my test results. Missing you guys & the celebrations. Much luv to all.

  1. Being able to make macaroons surely means you’re rather a good cook, doesn’t it? I love the different colours they come in and they do taste delicious so I don’t think they’d last long around here at all even if I was clever enough to make them! I agree with the others your script sounds utterly intriguing with drunken priests and dinosaurs!! Have a lovely weekend 🙂 Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace
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