Celebrate The Small Things

I’m celebrating one very big thing this morning.  As I type, it’s on my very own MacBook Air that was stolen from my house just yesterday.

Went out for a quick shopping trip and my house was burglarized.  I was relieved of 3 laptops, jewelry, and some Swiss Francs.

Celebrate The Small ThingsThe house alarm went off, police officers arrived but the thief was gone. The Miami Shores Police Department canvassed the neighborhood and promptly caught the stupid man walking nonchalantly down the street with my back-pack stuffed with the goodies.

This morning, he’s waking up behind bars.  All of my stuff was intact and returned to me.

Mr. Stupid never knew that he was on camera, making a blockbuster compliments of internet cams.  His robbery days are way over.

Once again, I’m a happy camper made whole.  For that, I am celebrating truly.

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  1. OMG, BFF I’m so glad you weren’t home! I’m glad they caught that SOB and you got your belongings back. I’ve missed you so much. 🙁 Email me soon. We’ve got much to talk about. Much love! I’m so glad you’re OK; that’s most important to me. Xoxoxoxo Eva

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