Celebrate The Small Things

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Celebrate The Small Things

I’m celebrating the status quo this week.  No yo-yo ups and downs and work is stable. 

Since I’m still so insecure with my writing, I’m taking 1 of the 3 classes I need to renew my ed license.  So if I completely bomb as a writer, I’ll still be able to play with the Kinder kids, eat and pay the rent.

Anxiously awaiting a real Fall.  Today, the temp hovered somewhere in the 90s and it’s miserable outside.

What are you celebrating this week?


  1. Routine would be nice (haven’t found it myself yet). As to 90s, we finally cooled down the last day or two. It doesn’t seem fair to have that warm of weather in September. I’m honestly watching weather.com like a hawk and glaring at anything over 85 degrees (which is forecasted next week again *grrrr*) Here’s wishing for cooler winds at least blowing your way!
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