Celebrate The Small Things

If it’s Friday, we’re Celebrating The Small Things. This is a blog hop where we share what we celebrate with other authors and bloggers.

Click on the celebrate icon and join at the Lexa Cain site. Every Friday Lexa brings together some of the nicest people on the planet.  

Celebrate The Small ThingsPosting on Thursday as tomorrow is devoted to storm prep. We just might have some drama revolving around a storm (possible hurricane) called Erika. I’ve much to do.

However, I am celebrating 2 things. I finally learned to make macaroons.  The real kind. The French ones that cost me $3.00 each.  I’m celebrating the money I’ll save.

I’m also celebrating a garden in full bloom.  About time, right, now that Summer is almost over. I’ll post a pic next week.

So, tell me about your celebrations. I’ll visit sites tomorrow if I can or throughout the week-end.


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