Celebrate The Small Things

It’s Friday. We’re Celebrating The Small Things. This is a blog hop where we share what we’re celebrating with our fellow authors and bloggers.

Click on the celebrate icon and join at the Lexa Cain  site. Lexa is our personable moderator, bringing together some of the nicest people in cyberspace.  Same time, same place every week.

Celebrate The Small ThingsHaven’t joined the celebration for the last 2 weeks.  Had to pause so much social media interaction to get some real writing done. Sent a few tweets but that’s about it. I’m celebrating now as mission accomplished.

The heat and humidity here in Miami are absolutely oppressive.  Even the pool doesn’t help, so I’m celebrating central air conditioning.

Tried Rachael Ray’s super fast banana ice cream hack;  frozen bananas with a little milk, gently pulsed in a food processor for a quick, frozen treat.  You can make it as decadent as you like.  Meaning, I used heavy cream and chocolate on top, with a few nuts.  I am celebrating this delish treat.

What are you celebrating this week?


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