Celebrate The Small Things

It’s Friday, so we’re celebrating the small things today. This is a really fund blog hop. Simply share anything you want to celebrate.

Click on the celebrate icon and join at the Lexa Cain (the moderator) site. The nicest people on the planet celebrate there.  Same time, same place every week.

Celebrate The Small ThingsThis week, I’m celebrating more production creds coming thru on IMDb.  Why my numbers keep rising (the lower, the better) I don’t understand. That’s life.

I’m still celebrating the summer.  My nieces came by for a day or two, and, no, they don’t want to swim in a real ocean (germs, you know). So I trucked in a boat load of sand, had it spread around the pool, and voila!  Instant beach. I hope they remember their Auntie when I’m old and gray. Maybe  they’ll take me to a real beach and not be too embarrassed by my walker.

What are you celebrating this week?



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